“The God of Animals” Book Review

I wanted to start reviewing books again for two reasons:

1. While I love writing about flying I am only flying about twice a month (and there is only so much excitement you can squeeze out of standard lessons).

2. This book was so good it gave me motivation to start doing it again.

The God of Animals by Aryn Kyle

God of Animals I’m not going to do a summary or analysis – I’m still sick of doing them even though it’s been six months since completing my English degree. So sue me.

 I really just want to give my biased opinions and tell you guys why you should go to your local bookstore and pick up a copy.

 I found this book with my current boyfriend when we wandered into the Book Bin one night on a fevered hunt. I was in absolute turmoil because it had been weeks since I’d finished Sailor Song by Ken Kesey (my favorite author). I was skeptical that another book could measure up.

It was my beau that pulled this book from the self and read the back cover to me (I was too busy biting my nails and turning in circles). It sounded interesting enough but what sold me was the author description – She had graduated from the University of Montana – one of the more competitive MFA programs in the country.

The books main antagonist (Alice)  is the 12-year old daughter of a self-absorbed horse trainer and a woman who literally only comes out of her room in two parts of the novel.

It’s a beautifully written implosion of a struggling family. Imagine a fascinating but horrible train wreck in slow motion. From the very first chapter you can see the train start to derail, unbeknown to any of the characters. Then, as the Alice recognizes that the train has almost completely lost traction on the steel tracks, she starts to ignore the consequences of her actions and begins consciously pushing every boundary she can until the train has flipped over itself, balling up in flamTheDogStarses.

The novel is gorgeous and heart breaking – a depressing reality that lies underneath the process of growing up. The kind that stays inside your head for weeks. It’s a novel that brought up my own nostalgia and struggles from my childhood ( I had to go back home for a few days just to visit and walk around to shake the haunting feeling from this book).

Next on the book review list: The Dog Stars by Peter Heller.                               →

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